is a network of 50 email newsletters that plans on 10x-ing our number of subscribers, revenue and newsletters in the next three years. We publish high-quality roundups that curate the most important news in many B2B verticals and industries. Some examples are cybersecurity, electric vehicles, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, drones, and more.

Over the past 24 months, we’ve grown from 50,000 newsletter subscriptions to 750,000 subscriptions, and from zero revenue to $1 million/year in revenue, and we’re just getting started.

Most of our revenue today comes from a small, scrappy sales team that has found ways to get in front of huge companies like Oracle and IBM to newer startups like and Owl Labs, and everything in between.

We’re looking for someone to own the revenue and growth side of this business. At a news organization, this role would often be called “Publisher,” and at startups, it would be a CRO or VP Sales.

While a publisher often sits between editorial and business orgs, our editorial organization has a deep roster of seasoned leaders, so we’re looking for someone to drive the growth and revenue side.


You need to have at least five years of experience managing things like sales, lead gen, SDRs, hiring/training, sales process, sales collateral, and strategy.

You need to have experience in the trenches as a highly productive salesperson, and you need to have experience as a sales leader designing processes, setting targets, and hiring/training to make a team as effective as possible.

If you can’t tell us detailed stories of your 3 best sales hires and your 3 worst sales hires, you’re probably not the right fit.


Base: $100-150K

Total OTE: $200-$350K