is a network of email newsletters. We publish high quality roundups that curate, summarize, and analyze all of the most important news in many different verticals and industries. Some example topics include: venture capital, beer, cybersecurity, electric vehicles, virtual and augmented reality, cannabis, artificial intelligence, drones, and more.

Our newsletters are broken into two parts: the Inside Top Ten, and feature stories.

The Inside Top Ten is a collection of 10 short summaries highlighting the 10 most important/interesting links of the day in that topic (see an example here). Each Top Ten needs to be accurate, concise, and do a fantastic job getting readers up to speed on the news of the day.

Our feature stories include short interviews, roundups, reviews, and other original content.

We're looking for daily Newsletter Writers to curate our Top Ten for our growing list of newsletters. You don't need deep experience in technology reporting, but you definitely need a strong writing and journalism background, as well as a strong connection to the topic you're covering.

Our team is entirely distributed – so you can work from anywhere.

Here are some broad requirements:

  • Grit. This is not a "go through the motions" type of role. You need the dedication to roll up your sleeves and get shit done, the tenacity to keep a fast-growing editorial operation running smoothly, and the creativity to ensure we never stop improving.
  • Leadership. A key part of this role is motivating those around you to maintain high quality, consistency, and creativity in the work we publish. We’re looking for a doer and a proven leader for this role.
  • A nearly insane level of attention to detail. You should be able to spot a typo from a mile away, and should also have the ability to edit with a deep understanding of style, voice, context, and more. You're going to need top notch writing, editing, and fact-checking chops.
  • Communication. This role is as much about editorial as it is about managing and interacting with the team, priorities, and roadmaps.
  • Time management and organization. This is a demanding role that requires excellent time management and efficiency.
  • Curiosity. If you are intellectually curious, this can be a dream job. You'll have the chance to dive deep into a growing variety of topics, and truly live and breath the news day-to-day.

And some specific requirements:

  • At least 4 years experience as a journalist – doing original reporting
  • Stellar editing proficiency
  • Master writer with a tight, concise style
  • Willingness to move fast, read fast, learn fast, and improve fast
  • Technical competence – You don't need to know how to code, but you need to be an expert in learning a CMS and finding and mastering new software tools.

Are you still reading? Great, maybe you're a good fit. Please fill out this application and we'll get back to you soon!